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Mack is Head Honcho and Sales Marketing director of Human Resource Associates, an HR firm supporting all industries in the United States. Mack is a graduate of Southeastern Illinois College - where he received a degree in business management.


When Mack met Wendy Christie he knew his aggressive and entrepreneurial business building experience would make Human Resource Associates a successive growing business. Mack has built a solid foundation of corporate clients through HRA's consulting services. Mack's greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, leadership and never-give-up sales ethic. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand his company's reach.

Wendy Christie has over 20 years of experience in the area of employee relations.  As a human resources consultant she has helped countless companies  develop legally compliant employee handbooks and documentation.  All of her working support takes into account business and industry specific considerations while including state and federal laws.  Consulting and investigating on a number of sexual harassment, embezzlement and workplace bullying situations has taught her how to "glean the truth" about the situation.  This has enabled her to give instructive talks and author a number of articles in several industries on hiring practices, embezzlement, legally compliant employment practices and dress codes for today's workplace culture.  Wendy's focus is on helping employers avoid a potential and costly employee claim.

Tess is Human Resource Associates researcher and policy analyst. Tess works diligently to keep up on all the changes in federal, state, city and Canadian employment laws. Her focus on details and writing ability gives her great success at helping clients customize employee handbook policies to their needs. Tess listens to what clients are trying to accomplish with a employee handbook policy and writes them to comply with laws and regulations while reaching the client's goals.

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Mack: 406-209-1917 Wendy: 406-551-5716

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